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03 January 2009 @ 08:39 pm
General Blahblah  
Winter break has been a lot of MarioKart, malls, and eating! We whirled around Bridgewater Mall on the 26th, only to go to Jersey Garden Outlet two days later. We also went to IKEA, and I might get these really skinny shelves for my room.

But now that vacation is "officially" over, it's time to get down to January's business. I'm still really disappointed in fall semester though-- Cindy Meekins gave me a B for the class that I had As in all semester and refuses to answer emails about it. How can I move onto 2009 when I'm still caught up by 2008?

Winter projects: 
  1. Fix things
  2. Make things
  3. Sell things
  4. Lots of bio
  5. Apply for internships